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Immerse yourself in local culture at our exclusive eco-boutique resort. Goa has much more to offer than is typically advertised. Wildflower Villas takes you on a journey of discovery through the hidden gems of India’s most loved tourist destination.


Slow living has been a Goa vibe for decades. Leave the bustle of city life behind with curated cycling and walking tours with our friendly local guide. He knows the legends on forgotten locations, the inside scoop on hidden gems and forest trails worth exploring. Go hiking, cave exploring, crab fishing and snack / feni / toddy tasting with our favourite tour guide.
Our boutique resort in Goa also offers cycling tours as a novel way to explore the charming cities and peaceful villages. Pedal through the historic Latin quarter, past golden paddy fields, along meandering rivers and over trampled village trails. There’s a fun ferry ride to an island that seems frozen in time, stops at pretty churches and ancient temples, and views of picture perfect houses.


Take a piece of Goa home with you through our curated cooking tour and demo. You’ll visit the colourful local market and take in the sights, sounds and smells as we shop for fresh spices and ingredients. Meet the fishmongers and vendors who have been selling us the freshest produce they catch and harvest for years. Back at Wildflower Villas Goa, we’ll share authentic recipes that have been cooked in our family for generations and show you how it’s done. Indulge in the tastes of Goa you can now recreate in your own home after your vacation with us.


Dining at Wildflower Villas Goa is unmatched by most top hotels in Goa. How so? Because we place special emphasis on bringing you the most authentic flavours in the privacy of your own villa. Choose its open air patio, balcony or terrace sheltered by the lush natural forest to dine outdoors in the fresh air. Treat yourself and your loved ones to breakfast on the balcony, lunch on the patio or a candlelight dinner under the star-studded sky. Soak in the stunning sunset with sundowners and appetisers from the cliff.


Put your feet up and enjoy a cosy night in with your favourite movies in the privacy of your villa. If you’re travelling with a bunch of children, they’ll find this an exciting get together as the adults enjoy some cocktails in the garden. The rustle of the trees, shimmering night sky and sounds of the outdoors create the ideal ambience for green-themed movies.


Revisit the old days with a sumptuous picnic in the gardens of our gorgeous nature resort in Goa. Escape the crowded parks with the seclusion your private villa provides. Or choose any spot on our eight-acre property to unwind on a blanket under blue skies. Our talented chef will rustle up curated picnic baskets with goodies of your choice so you can feast in peace.


Our infinity swimming pool is refreshingly cool when the weather is hot and dry, and exciting when it rains.
The xx foot deep pool overlooks the stunning tree-filled valley below, with a shaded lounge area to
soak up the view, lie back with a drink and
some nibbles, or simply devour a favourite book.
Open from 8am to 8pm


It’s close to impossible to find a spa with a greener view at any of the other top hotels in Goa. Hidden away on a treetop, the Wildflower Villas spa looks out across the verdant hillside and valley below. Enjoy a private couples’ massage or some excellent alternative therapy to the sound of birdsong. We can arrange an expert masseuse with advance notice.


Awaken the senses and reconnect with the inner depths of your soul amid the spiritual ambience of nature. Practice yoga and meditation to the rising and setting of the sun in your private garden. Wildflower Villas Goa can arrange a trained instructor for private sessions with advance notice.


Looking to amp up the fun at our tranquil resort in Goa? Head to our rec room filled with indoor entertainment including table tennis, carom and tons of other board games. It’s the perfect spot to wait out a heavy
monsoon shower or a sunny summer afternoon.


As a gorgeous tourist destination, Goa has tons waiting to be discovered. From transfers to and from the airport, railway or bus station to renting of self-drive cars and travel to various places of interest across Goa, we arrange reliable and safe transport. We work with taxi owners / drivers who have been with us since inception which ensures a clean and
sanitised vehicle, fixed and reasonable rates, 
and an interactive journey.


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