About Us

Wildflower Villas is a hidden piece of Goa frozen in time – that charming hospitality, the lush natural greenery, gorgeous Portuguese-style accommodation and quiet seclusion take you back to almost forgotten era.

Since 2010, the Navelkar family has shaped this tranquil resort in Goa into an exclusive, eco-friendly hideaway for anyone who enjoys communing with nature and culture. Its location is almost inconceivable. A short drive from the party belt of north Goa takes you up a paved, tree-lined slope in Candolim to Wildflower Villas. Here, an entire hillside of natural forest cover shields you from the outside world as modern amenities and facilities ensure every need is catered for.

Staff – most who have been at the property since its inception – are the backbone of this gorgeous boutique resort in Goa. Their friendliness, helpfulness, proactiveness and cooperation are continuously appreciated by repeat guests and first-time visitors alike. Our focus lies on caring for both you and the earth by positioning our villas in pre-existing open spaces, incorporating rainwater harvesting, solar energy, composting and repurposing wood from dead trees to create a truly eco-friendly nature resort in Goa. The idyllic combination of our exclusive immersive experiences, authentic dining, unmatched location, secluded accommodation and modern amenities makes Wildflower Villas Goa a hidden oasis in a well-travelled tourist state. Come, experience it yourself!


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