Our Story

The concept of Wildflower Villas was dreamt long ago, being a Goan, I have been passionate about the beauty of Goa. The unplanned construction and destruction of natural habitat that has been going on in Goa has pained me enormously like many more Goans. I then started dreaming of a resort in Goa, where guests can enjoy what Goa used to be; private, green and truly peaceful. Thus Wildflower Villas came into existence. I believe that the only sustainable way of living is in harmony with nature.

With this commitment, there are only 5 villas on an 8 acre property, where we planted 1500 trees and plants to add to the natural green cover. As a result, the entire area is a veritable showcase for Goan flora and fauna. The trees which had fallen naturally over the years have been used to make some useful and creative objects of art at the resort.

The resort also grows a number of herbs and medicinal plants. This evergreen environment attracts a large number of birds, butterflies and dragonflies. Wildflower Villas, are in old Goan style. They are simple but rich in aesthetics, earthy and exotic. I have tried to keep a balance of traditional craftsmanship with unobtrusive modern touches