Wildflower Villa’s Guests’ Day Out

So, you are in Goa and you want to spend a day exploring some of its famous attractions. If you want to do some serious sight-seeing of the famed temples of Mangeshi and Nageshi, or if you would like to visit the great churches of Old Goa, we can arrange a taxi for you. Just give us a couple of hours’ notice, or better still, let us know the night in advance.

Apart from these well known `sights’, there are many things you can enjoy. Here are some of them;


Wednesday – Anjuna Market – the pioneer in these informal markets, the Anjuna Flea market started out as a hippy trading place. Hippies would trade their jeans, a novelty in India in the late seventies and early eighties to the locals. Barter was an accepted transaction. Some of the hippies started making bread, cookies and other food stuff. Locals joined the sellers with locally produced stuff.

Located on the beach and the adjoining area, today Anjuna market is a large, organized affair.

You will get trinkets, tattoos, Tibetan stuff, psychedelic t-shirts and much more. You can shop and when you are ready to drop, there are a few restaurants/shacks which serve snacks.

Friday – Mapusa market. This one is a traditional market and remains this way. There are is some touristy stuff to be had. Our suggestion would be to visit this at least once. Mapusa is an old trading town and sellers from all over north Goa and even from south Maharashtra also can be found here. This is a bit like a `farmer’s market’ with a lot of home gown stuff on sale.

You will find Goa’s famed halsunde (cow-peas), Kokum, Teerphal, many flowering plants. You can take home home-made pickles, palm vinegar, cashews in a dozen different ways, and so much more.

Saturday Night Market – We recommend the one at Arpora, next to the Go Kart track. Staring at around 4 p.m. this night market goes on till the early hours. Getting there and parking can be a nightmare, but we guarantee you will have fun.

This market has a central open area where live performances take place. It can be a live band playing Jazz, Blues, magic shows, fire-eaters etc etc.

All around the central entertainment area are the stalls in a few rows selling all kinds of stuff on sale – clothes, hammocks, special handmade shoes, old photos and posters, beads, stones, hats, the list is literally endless.

Another area is reserved for food and drinks. Be sure to try some sushi from Cuckoo Zen!

All in all, the Saturday Night Market is for the entire family.